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An organization dedicated to providing service and support to our clients utilizing the talents of our militarty spouses and veterans.



LS-sm-logo.pngDual Mission

Commercial Mission

Flexible and competitive on-shore business services, that are open & responsive to our customers changing business.

Social Mission

Leveraging the unique talents of military spouses and veterans—and providing them with a commercially sophisticated skills-based “on-ramp” to careers. Honoring this community that has sacrificed so much.

LS-sm-logo.pngOur Values


Succeed with Integrity

Encourage Growth and Development

Rely on One Another

Value Operational Excellence

Embrace Change

LS-sm-logo.pngLearning Organization

At Liberty Source we aspire to be a Learning Organization.  We believe facilitating the learning of our employees and harnessing their insights allows us to continually transform ourselves.  Our purpose as a learning organization is to remain competitive in a way that raises the bar for what it means to deliver service excellence to our clients. 

  • Supportive and Engaged Leaders
  • Intuitive Knowledge Process 
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement 
  • Defined Learning Structure